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To think big.

Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) meets the needs of companies looking for a solution that is quick to install, easy to use, connected to your business tools, and secure, for optimal large-scale deployment.

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"We are creating incredible new experiences."
Rachid Tiah-Boursas, Google
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"Our employees remain informed of our activity"
Kevin Benchao, Veolia
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"We have clear and personalized data"
Antoine Cormier, Solocal
"We are improving our customer experience"
Nathalie Dubus, Gedimat
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"Our teams gain in autonomy and efficiency"
Pierre Gibert, CEB
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"We have strengthened our brand image".
Julien Calamote, Irrijardin
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"The solution is quick and easy to install"
Fabien Bessette, Botanic
"Campaigns that are set up in 10min"
Alexandra Roger, McDonald's

Enhanced security

Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) allows you to display your internal communications and dashboards in real time from your business tools. You connect to key information of your activity in total security.

Our data comply with the European regulation RGPD

All data displayed is secure and encrypted via SSL protocol

Our hosting providers maintain their infrastructures with the highest security standards, including Cybervadis

Comeen Play enables Google and Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO). You have control over the access to your account, for you and your collaborators


These large companies trust us for all these reasons

Synchronize all your teams, anywhere in the world

Streamline internal processes

Demonstrate a modern brand image to employees and customers

Improve the adoption of business tools

Make the information visual and always up to date

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Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) allows us to track our performance in real time and deliver our internal communications simply and quickly.

Kevin Benchao

Product Manager

(Very) advanced customizations

Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) supports you in your company, in your group and in your subsidiaries

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Connect your screens to your business tools

Don't change your work habits. Your data is displayed in real time to remain consistent and relevant.

Dashboard →
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Display your indicators in real time in complete security

Ensure brand consistency on all floors of your buildings, in your branches and facilities, around the world.

Indicators →
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Connect your screens anywhere in the world

A simple drag and drop allows you to distribute your content on all your screens, in your Group and your local subsidiaries.

Designer →
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Keep control of your brand image

Our online editor is easy to use and offers advanced features. You can create custom screens in a few clicks.

Templates →
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Customize your screen displays here and elsewhere

You can display different content at the head office, in a subsidiary in Europe or in the United States, and even on your employees' computers.

Connections →
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Good morning !
Hello! Hallo! Hello!

Comeen Play has an intelligent system for managing subtitles in 12 languages. The content is readable and understandable from anywhere in the world.

Translation →

Connected screens at the moment

Getting started is instant with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

No need to learn another tool or train your employees. If you use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, continue to create your internal communications on Google Slides or PowerPoint.

All in one click

Our platform integrates to easily distribute your Slides and PowerPoint presentations, your Docs and Word documents, and your Sheets and Excel tables.

Our Google Workspace integration →
And secure

Update these files and the changes are instantly synchronized on your screens. This allows you to manage your internal communications on a massive scale.

Our Microsoft integration →

Connect your employees to all your screens

Do you have remote employees? Our platform is the easiest and most secure solution for your hybrid organization. Your employees can access your internal communications, key indicators and internal tools in the blink of an eye, from their Internet browser.

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Chrome Google

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Mozilla Firefox

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Microsoft Edge

Discover RemoteBoard →
Manage your rights
Deploy your network
Push your limits

Managing access rights is simple, regardless of the size of your company.

Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) allows you to manage your users regardless of the size of your company - from 1,000 to 100,000+ employees. With just a few clicks, you can offer to display your corporate communications on all of your group's screens. You save time in distributing information from one region (or subsidiary) to another.

Deploy your network of screens easily and quickly.

Display your important communications on every screen in your company - at the front desk of your headquarters, in your meeting and catering rooms, in Paris, Singapore, or San Francisco. You have control over all your screens from your computer and your smartphone.

Push the limits of digital signage.

Take control of your touch screens
Comeen Kiosk allows you to transform your touch screens into digital signage terminals. Display your legal documents, security information, educational documents in all formats - videos, PDF..
Digitize the reception of your visitors
Comeen Lobby accompanies your visitors to help them get to their meeting place. We automatically check the calendar of the employees, print the access badge, and inform the organizer by email and SMS.

Comeen Play is a solution present on 7 continents

Monthly users
Number of creations

We are at your side to ensure your success

Benefit from a single point of contact to simplify exchanges and ensure the success of your digital signage project. We help you animate your communities to fully adopt the solution.

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Quick installation and easy handling

Compatible with all devices on the market, you can quickly set up the management of your screens, here and everywhere in the world. Update your screens and monitor their status in real time from our web and mobile interface or from our dedicated DS Integrator tool.

Manage access rights for integration teams

Manage your business units individually or collectively

Manage all screen settings - orientation, reboot, screen capture...

View all activity history

Download full activity reports

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Large companies trust us and with them, we build the simplest, fastest, and most secure product. It's no wonder that partners like Samsung say we are "three years ahead" of other digital signage solutions.

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