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Streamline your visitor reception and secure your buildings with Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) and Comeen Visitors.

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First impressions are often the most important

We allow your visitors not to lose a single minute when checking in, while giving a modern and digital image to your company. No more long waiting lines: in just a few clicks, each visitor can check in and prevent his arrival to his host.

Provide a welcoming experience for each of your visitors

Innovation in your buildings

Towards a more peaceful mind

Give a modern image →
A welcoming experience for each of your visitors

Convey your brand image as soon as your visitors arrive on your various sites. A clean and easy to use solution that will welcome your visitors with a smile while respecting your values. Put all the chances on your side to give the best first impression.

Innovation in your buildings

Comeen Visitors simplifies your check-in process by offering a fully digital solution. We let you choose to welcome your visitors with an iPad or a kiosk, depending on your needs. A back-office will allow you to get an intuitive management of all your buildings and much more.

A more peaceful mind

Only a few seconds are needed for a visitor to register independently. Comeen supports your reception service which will always be present to inform your visitors. It now has the necessary tools for a more pleasant work.

Streamline the reception of your visitors

Comeen Visitors accompanies your visitors before and during their visit in your company. Beyond digitizing the visitors' register through an intuitive web dashboard, we offer a powerful tool to your reception services to manage your visitors and their arrival and exit processes from your building.

Faster and smarter reception

An autonomous visitor

Analyze in a few clicks

Streamline the reception of your visitors →
Faster and smarter reception

Don't waste any more time notifying your employees about their appointment. Comeen Visitors automatically sends a notification via SMS, email or thanks to our Slack or Microsoft Teams integration. Your colleagues will be instantly informed of the arrival of their visitors.

An autonomous visitor

With the Comeen kiosk application, your visitor is autonomous to register, create a badge, and validate security instructions. Thanks to our MapWize integration, you can choose to integrate the map of your building into Comeen. The itinerary to reach the meeting place is dynamically created. Your visitor can scan a QR code and access the map on his smartphone.

An analysis in a few clicks

Comeen Visitors offers you advanced statistics: number of visitors per day and to come, average duration of a visit, average delay noted, etc. Identify the periods of strong affluence in order to optimize your reception team. Identify missed appointments and automatically free up your meeting rooms to increase productivity.

It's time to secure your buildings

Comeen Visitors allows you to significantly improve your company's security on several levels. With the automatic appointment check, make sure that your visitors have been invited to a meeting. Consult the visitor register at any time and see in real time who is not part of your company and who is on site.

Your protected work environment

Take control of emergency situations

Say goodbye to the paper register

Increase safety →
Your protected work environment

Thanks to Comeen's back-office, you can now find in real time all the visitors present in your buildings. The printing of a badge allows you to know their identity and thus to identify at a glance the visitors who may be undesirable. Comeen accompanies you in the protection of your employees, your visitors and more generally your structure.

Take control of emergency situations

We are aware that each of your buildings requires different security. Comeen allows you to define specific safety instructions for each of them. An evacuation is necessary? We provide you with a web page accessible via a link or a QR code that allows you to display the list of visitors in a given building in real time and to warn them.

Say goodbye to paper registry, hello to CSV

Nothing is more frustrating than having to find your visitors through a paper log. Often synonymous with waste of time, it does not allow to protect the data of your visitors. With Comeen, make CSV exports of your visits, secure your information and respect the personal data of all your visitors.

A more fluid visitor path



An autonomous visitor can check in upon arrival



The appointment host is notified automatically



Comeen issues a digital or physical badge



Your visitor is guided to the meeting place

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